Describe property that is additional for IFC export. Model could be shipped into an IFC file.

You can easily develop extra home units away from template attributes and user-defined qualities, determine properties when it comes to characteristics, and bind the Tekla Structures residential property sets to IFC file format widely used in BIM that facilitates computer computer software interoperability

IFC is a available requirements created by the IAI (Global Alliance for Interoperability).

organizations for IFC export. Tekla Structures saves property that is additional in setup data. You are able to hold configuration that is several in a number of places. Whenever Tekla Structures exports an IFC file, it reads the predefined home units as well as the additional residential property units.

include a brand new ifc home ready setup file

  1. From the File selection, click Export IFC .
  2. Choose in the extra home units listing and then click Edit . For those who have copied one of many predefined setup files within the design folder folder which is used for saving data linked with a design

Tekla Structures shops all data related to a design inside a folder it makes utilizing the name that is same the design database (.db1).

All users access the same model folder in multi-user mode.

, open this 1.

  • For a configuration that is new, into the Property Set Definitions dialog field, enter a title when it comes to setup file when you look at the title package.
  • Enter a true title when it comes to property ready beside the brand brand New key and then click brand brand brand New .

    You may choose among the residential property units into the Property Set record.

    You can easily develop property that is several in one single setup file. As an example, you can include COGs, and begin and end things in the part degree, and information that is scheduling the system amount assembly’s place into the system hierarchy

    The construction level is expressed like a quantity.

  • For an innovative new home set, enter a description when it comes to home ready into the box that is empty.
  • Choose an entity kind from the Choose entity kinds listing by choosing its check field.

    Once you repeat this, the Select features record reveals the characteristics that exist for the chosen entity kind.

    Include the required qualities through the Select features number by picking the check bins beside the feature brands.

    The feature is put into the menu of all selected properties record regarding the right. This number reveals which qualities tend to be shipped plus in which structure:

    • You could add brand new characteristics by entering a feature name within the Attribute box in the Create/Modify home location and clicking the combine option.
    • You’ll alter and pull characteristics from the listing by choosing the characteristics regarding the listing and Modify that is clicking or .
  • Under Create/Modify home , define the attribute properties:
    • Choose Property kind for the chosen characteristic.

      Right right Here, always choose Template characteristic for the people user-defined characteristics whoever title contains significantly more than 19 characters. For instance, select Template feature for ASSEMBLY.USERDEFINED.PLANS_STATUS .

    • Enter or change the true title of this chosen feature into the title package title .
    • Find the sort of the characteristic. The nature is usually the immediate following: String (series of characters), Boolean (false or true), Integer (number without having a fractional component), Measurement , Real (numbers which have decimal representations), or Time stamp .
    • If the sort of the attribute that is user-defined property created by the consumer in order to broaden the number of predefined item properties

      User-defined characteristics are utilized as soon as the predefined item properties aren’t adequate but even more properties are essential. As an example, opinion, closed, and erection condition tend to be user-defined qualities.

      is dimension :

      • You can easily find the dimension type : Length , region , amount , Mass , good length or matter .
      • You are able to choose the Conversion element and precision .

      User-definable reliability enables better IFC file dimensions optimization.

  • Click protect to truly save your customizations.
  • 1) The entity teams where Tekla Structures characteristics are printed in the IFC that is exported file

    2) The template qualities or user-defined attributes that you would like to export for the chosen entity

    3) listing showing the chosen qualities

    4) The properties as you are able to establish when it comes to qualities

    Tekla Structures design items and corresponding IFC organizations

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