Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please check the Frequently Asked Questions.

Use of the site

All purchased courses will have the right to use them based on ID when registering as a member. You must register as a member to use the course.
If the design of the website does not look normal, it is a problem caused by the low version of the Internet browser. In the case of Internet Explorer 11 or later, you can use it normally. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers are also supported, but if they do not appear normally, please update to the latest version.
If an error occurs when logging in, the login does not proceed normally due to “Browser setting error”. Please completely clear your browsing data from your browser’s settings and follow the solution below for Chrome!
1. Select the [≡] menu button at the top right of the Chrome browser and click [Settings].
2. Click [Show advanced settings] under the [Settings] screen.
3. As shown in the screenshot below, click [Delete Internet Usage Information…] at the bottom. ] and delete cookies and cache files.
4. An error may occur due to the [extension] installed in the browser, so please use it after unchecking the [Enabled] section in the extension list.
To take a course, please purchase a membership product or purchase a course course.
Is it really..? I believe you made a prudent choice for your future. If it is unavoidable, please contact us through 1:1 inquiry and we will take care of it promptly.
It is not possible to change the ID in the middle. Please understand that all member information is managed based on ID and cannot be changed for security and system reasons.


As long as the device has Internet access, you can take the course anywhere, regardless of desktop, tablet PC, or smartphone. However, please note that when accessing two devices with the same ID at the same time, the use of the previous user is restricted.
During the course period, you can take unlimited lessons at any time, day or night.

To start the course, click the Start Course button on the course page to start the course. After clicking the Start Course button once, you can freely take the course.

You can download the lecture materials by clicking Download from the menu on the [My Account] page at the top menu. Some files can be downloaded from the link below the video by clicking the lecture in My Classroom – Course.

Video playback

If the video screen looks garbled or soft lines are not visible, it is because the contrast or brightness of the monitor is too high. Please use the monitor with appropriate contrast and brightness. An overly bright screen is bad for your eye health.
If the video doesn’t play smoothly, try the following.

– Please use a wired LAN environment rather than a Wi-Fi environment. (Playback problems may occur when connecting to public wifi.)
– Try closing other open Internet windows.
– Try using a different internet browser. [Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari browser]

Even though I followed all 3 methods above, it is still slow! If so, please clear your browser’s cache!
When playing lecture videos on a mobile phone, playback may not be smooth depending on the Android or ios version, browser version, and connection environment problems. First, please follow the steps below to access.

1. After completely uninstalling the Chrome browser, install the latest version and connect. (Naver app, Daum app, KakaoTalk, etc. use a lot of smartphone memory, so the connection speed becomes slower when connecting to the Internet.)
2. Please connect after installing Firefox browser or Opera browser. Please close other applications except the browser when connecting.
3. Please update Android or ios to the latest version.
4. Please play the video in LTE environment.

In public Wi-Fi environments such as subways and cafes, the access speed is proportionally slower as the number of users increases, and video traffic that causes overload is blocked except for certain sites. (In the case of some large sites (YouTube, Naver, etc.), Internet network operators (kt, skt, lgu+) allow excess traffic and can be used normally.) LTE provides access to Wi-Fi at 7 to 15 times faster than public Wi-Fi. If it is difficult, please use it through LTE. For reference, in the case of lecture videos, approximately 2MB of data per minute (120MB (0.12GB) based on 60 minutes of playback) is consumed when playing on mobile.
If there is a problem with playback even in LTE environment, please check the version of Android, iOS, and browser. If there is a problem, we will try to figure out whether it is a problem with the internet speed or another problem and deal with it.
In order to minimize interruption when taking lectures, the image quality is automatically changed according to the network environment. In case of continuous playback in low quality, if you change the playback section, the picture quality changes according to the network environment whenever you change it, so you can take the course in high quality.


Payment cannot be processed when the payment plugin installation is blocked. Please allow the blocked installation in your internet browser so that the payment plugin can be fully installed and try again.
In the case of an Android smartphone, payment is possible in the Chrome browser, and in the case of an iPhone, payment is possible in the Safari browser. However, payment is not supported in Naver App or Daum App browser.
Payment is not supported on Mac OS (Mac). However, please note that you can use the site other than payment on Mac as well.

There is a separate refund policy depending on the situation. Please note that refunds are possible if you satisfy the refund policy of the Terms of Use. However, please understand that a full refund is not possible even if you have never taken an actual course if you click the Start Course button or download course materials. Recently, after taking advantage of this point, there are people who have taken all the courses and request a full refund saying that they have never taken the course. In addition, refunds are not available for problems caused by the user’s access environment or internet speed, which are not service problems. If you are worried about a refund, please do not click the take the course button or download the lecture material, but first watch the free lectures and sample lectures before making a decision!

It takes 7 to 15 days depending on the payment method. In the case of credit card payment, the period may vary depending on the card company’s regulations.


Our site is designed as a responsive web, so it is possible to take lectures with optimum compatibility not only in desktop environments, but also in tablet PCs such as iPads and Gallup Tabs, IOS, and smartphones in Android environments. However, you may not be able to take the course on some older versions of the device, so please take the test after taking a free course.
The Internet browser installed by the manufacturer by default on an Android smartphone or tablet is not supported. Please connect after installing Chrome or other supported browser.
The Internet browser installed by the manufacturer by default on an Android smartphone or tablet is not supported. Naver app and Daum app are also not supported. Please connect after installing Chrome or other supported browser. If you can’t see it even if you connect with the Chrome browser, please install the browser to the latest version and update the Android OS before using it.
It is applied to the smartphone mobile environment without an application, so you can use it the same as on a desktop.
Unfortunately, all courses cannot be downloaded for content protection. The course is only available online.
All lectures are played via internet streaming on any device, so data charges may apply. It is recommended to use it in an unlimited plan or Wifi environment.